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MACAW is pleased to welcome Meg Stickl founder of AIM Fitness to our website. Meg has worked with seniors since she was 12 years old. She started her fitness journey while studying Psychology and Gerontology at the University of Ottawa. While working in recreation at a retirement residence Meg noticed that many seniors she met wanted to have better health in order to live a more independent life. She started AIM Fitness in 2013 with the goal to help as many seniors as possible to regain strength, improve mobility and to live their best lives! Meg’s mission is to help Adults 50+ build simple fitness habits that will lead them to healthier lives. We know that you will enjoy her engaging personality and benefit from her exercises as she guides us to better health and wellness! 

Free Workshops Please Register
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For more classes and information about  50+ Fitness you can also visit the

Aim Fitness Facebook Group  Page

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