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Hiromi has been teaching fitness and wellness programs in the Ottawa area for more than 20 years and created "Aging Gracefully Ottawa," which has been offering chair tai chi, yoga, and latin dance programs at retirement residences in Ottawa and Toronto for the last 10 years.

Her teaching techniques are very unique. She blends Western and Eastern approaches to her programs and always focuses on correct posture and breathing. Participants always feel relaxed and energized at the end of each class. Hiromi always balances mind and body through her exercise. Since March 2020, Hiromi has been providing all her programs online to people in Ottawa, other Canadian cities, and several countries worldwide.

Tai chi:

  • Tai chi was created as a Chinese martial art, but it is also a healing art, philosophy, and spiritual practice.

  • We will be learning the most common practice style called “Yang Style.” 


Why is Tai chi slow?

  • One of the main philosophies of tai chi is meditation and relaxation through exercises.

  • This is achieved through slow, flowing movements, focussing on loosening joints and muscles and reducing stress.

  • Tai chi uses gentle movements which are harmonized with breathing and balance.

  • Practitioners find this improves lifestyle, happiness and confidence.

  • This is an excellent program for fall prevention.  

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