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Welcome! My name is Leanne Damas, and I have been teaching yoga since 2001 in the towns of Manotick, Greely, and Kars. I am a certified Yoga Therapist (a program requiring over 1000 hours of training), and have taken training in pain care yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, prenatal yoga, children’s yoga, yoga for the pelvic floor, and the Reembody Method. I am also a thai massage practitioner. Thai massage is a hands-on form of bodywork that weaves passive yoga into a relaxing and therapeutic treatment. 


Yoga for me has been a way to help my body move, and rest. It has taught me how to find mental calm and clarity. Its philosophies have guided my choices, enabling me to be present for my life. It is a rich, wide-ranging tradition that can help any aspect of life.


The yoga classes that we present in this program are an accessible means of practicing all the elements of yoga – postures, breath, relaxation, meditation, and yogic philosophies. We start out gently, with more of a beginner yogi in mind and, over time – as our bodies get moving easier, and get stronger, and as we become more aware – we add in postures with more complexity. There are always modifications provided, so we can choose each day what we need – whether it is something more gentle, or something more challenging. We get to play with being present, and curious (and notice how these attitudes change our daily lives). We gain more awareness of our body and our mind (and we have empowering tools that help us work with both). We practice (and live) in a way that lets us honour where we are at, and discover more ease, lightness, and wellness.


It is best to have a non-slip surface to practice on – such as a yoga mat. In most classes, we do a mixture of seated, lying, and standing postures. In some classes, we use a chair (classes that use a chair will be indicated). Other supplies – like yoga blocks, a strap, a bolster/pillow, a towel – are helpful, but not required.

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