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Special Events

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Christmas Floral Arrangement Workshop

 Sheila King long time local resident of Manotick known for her art work and floral arrangement skills demonstrates how to create a floral arrangement for the holiday season. We thank Sheila  for her ongoing support of MACAW.

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Sing Along Live Concert  with Tom Plant


Wednesday December 15, 2021
2 pm to 3pm

Live At Manotick United Church
5567 Main Street

Advanced Registration Required
Contact  Lisa Richards  at

Proof of Vaciine and Masks required

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 Manotick Horticultural Society presents Cold Frames with Odette McIntyre

Glass Garden Flower Creations

Anne Harbord, local resident and member of the Manotick Horticultural Society, shows us how to create glass garden flowers. MACAW thanks Anne and the Manotick Horticultural Society for sharing this workshop video.

NEW Seniors Singalong Series  with Tom Plant 

Back by popular demand MACAW will be featuring four new singalong sessions with Tom Plant  in March and April.   Click here for Singalong  Shows 1, 2 3, 4


Tom lives on the back channel of the Rideau River in Manotick. His life-long love of music has played an integral role in both his careers and his community life. As a retired elementary school teacher, he is now doing his best to slow down the pace after years of keeping up with the high energy of 4 to 10 year olds. Inspired by his 94 year old mother's suggestion to lead a singalong at her retirement home, Tom has now found that his musical leadership promotes wellness, learning and fun for folks on the other end of life's journey as well. As an empty nester, he is keeping busy with various interests - but realized that his musical singalongs need a wider audience than his wife and two cats.


Floral Arrangement Workshop

 Sheila King

long time local resident of Manotick known for her art work and floral arrangement skills demonstrates how to create two beautiful floral arrangements. MACAW thanks Sheila  and the Manotick Horticultural Society for sharing this with us.

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Larry Ellis  Stories of Manotick  Playlist 

Well know local columnist and historian, Larry Ellis shares  historical stories about Manotick and area from his books "Looking Back (2004) and Looking Back Some More (2006)"

MACAW will be adding two new stories read by Larry each Monday to the playlist.

A Piano Medley with Allan Boothroyd and Scott Voelzing

Our guest performer Allan Boothroyd, a well known local piano player and resident of Manotick entertains us with a medley of tunes. He is accompanied for part of the session by Scott Voelzing who has given us a couple of piano conversations over the past two months. MACAW thanks both Allan and Scott for sharing their music talent and enthusiasm.


Scott Voelzing

MACAW is happy to present two  piano conversations with our good friend Scott Voelzing. Thanks Scott for making our day just a little bit more fun. 


Terry McGovern

On behalf of the Manotick and Area Centre for the Arts and Wellness Terry McGovern performs for the Technical Rehearsal Prior to the Launch of a series of concerts for you to enjoy either virtually or live for a small audience in a space that has been reconstructed to meet Covid protocols. Terry McGovern is usually on the other side of the microphone. For the last 10 years or so his community service has consisted of bringing world-class performers to Watson’s Mill (summer) and The Manotick United Church (winter). All of the proceeds from these events, probably well over $100,000 by now, has gone to charitable/not for profit organizations. Terry has played for his own amusement since receiving a guitar for Christmas in the mid 60’s. However, the living room couch and the family rec room were his venues. In university, he had the good fortune to be friends with Dick Cooper (The Cooper Brothers) who would show him some licks - “Here’s what Hendrix did on Hey Joe, Purple Haze” - and was a great motivator. He continued to plod along, and then in the 90’s, he had the incredible good fortune to start guitar lessons with the amazing Vince Halfhide. Under Vince’s tutelage, he became more and more confident with his playing. Then, at about age 50, a friend asked Terry to be part of a band to perform at a staff party. This was a very positive experience and it eventually morphed into a dance band, Terry McGovern’s Retrosonics. That said, Terry usually keeps to the background - playing rhythm guitar, adding harmonies, singing the odd lead part. He says: “Doing a show without the support of my band mates is kind of daunting, but a new challenge is exactly what I think we seniors need and I’m more than happy to put on this show for MACAW.”


Manotick with Larry Ellis

Larry Ellis, long-time resident and frequent contributor to The Manotick Messenger, introduces us to some of the historical sites in the village. Larry moved to Manotick in 1945 when his father was called to be the Presbyterian minister for churches in Manotick and Kars. He attended High School on the island in Manotick. His first job in 1949 after High School was with the Royal Bank in the building that is now known as Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS). He later worked for a local construction company and later an accounting firm until he joined Algonquin College and worked there in administration for 30 years. Larry retired to Manotick where he is a member of the Kiwanis Club and the Manotick Legion as well as Watson’s Mill, the Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation Association and the Manotick Village Community Association. He has written 10 books that focus on the history of the area. Larry continues to live on the island in Manotick and enjoys birds, squirrels, rabbits and his friends.

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