Meet the advisory board...

  • Catherine McVie, co-Chair

  • Pippa Hall, co-Chair

  • Cindy Powell, Rural Ottawa South Support Services

  • Gord McGregor, City of Ottawa Recreation/Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation Association

  • Hiromi McPhail, Aging Gracefully

  • Leanne Vandenburgh, Manotick Village and Community Association

  • Nicki Richards, Richards' Corrections

  • Sheila King, Manotick Art Association

  • Terry McGovern, Community Event Organizer


The Manotick and Area Centre for Arts & Wellness focuses on intergenerational connections for seniors through arts and wellness. In 1955-56, Manotick United Church was expanded to include a hall that served as the only community centre for many years. In keeping with tradition, this space has been used for a multitude of activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, art, music, and dance classes as well as community dances. Our popular concert series focusses on our local singers and musicians.

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