Meet the advisory board...

  • Catherine McVie, co-Chair

  • Pippa Hall, co-Chair

  • Cindy Powell, Rural Ottawa South Support Services

  • Gord McGregor, City of Ottawa Recreation/Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation Association

  • Hiromi McPhail, Aging Gracefully

  • Leanne Vandenburgh, Manotick Village and Community Association

  • Nicki Richards, Richards' Corrections

  • Sheila King, Manotick Art Association

  • Terry McGovern, Community Event Organizer


The Manotick and Area Centre for Arts & Wellness focuses on intergenerational connections for seniors through arts and wellness. In 1955-56, Manotick United Church was expanded to include a hall that served as the only community centre for many years. In keeping with tradition, this space has been used for a multitude of activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, art, music, and dance classes as well as community dances. Our popular concert series focusses on our local singers and musicians.

MACAW is grateful to the New Horizon for Seniors funding received from the federal government New Horizons and Social Development Canada department which made all of our virtual wellness activities and events possible.

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